United Capital Fertilizer Company Ltd is a company that operates in the agricultural sector in Zambia. As a part of its commitment to promoting the development of agriculture in the country, the company recently participated in the Zambia Agriculture Research Institute’s (ZARI) Open and Field Day at Mt. Makulu Research Station in Chilanga.

ZARI is an institution that conducts research on crop and livestock production, soil and water management, and other areas related to agriculture. The organization’s Open and Field Day provides an opportunity for stakeholders in the agricultural sector to come together, share knowledge and expertise, and showcase the latest research findings and innovations in agriculture.

By participating in this event, United Capital Fertilizer Company Ltd demonstrated its commitment to working with other stakeholders in the agricultural sector to promote the development of sustainable agriculture in Zambia. The company likely had the opportunity to showcase its products and services to potential customers, as well as to learn about the latest developments in agricultural research that could inform its future business operations.

Overall, United Capital Fertilizer Company Ltd’s participation in the ZARI Open and Field Day reflects its commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture and contributing to the growth of Zambia’s agricultural sector.


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