Farmers from Northern Province have thanked United Capital Fertiliser (UCF) for the early distribution of the fertiliser in the area which has contributed to the anticipated good harvest.  

Patricia Chishala who is a farmer says that they received farming inputs on time and is very happy with the result so far because some parts of the country are experiencing dry spells.

Captain Chewe Mulenga who is UCF Regional Manager Northern is also very happy with the received positive feedback from many farmers amidst the drought. He says UCF is encouraged to continue to supply fertiliser.

The Paramount Chief of the Bemba speaking people also speaking on the same praised United Capital Fertiliser for their early distribution of farming inputs and is confident of a good harvest and adds that Northern province will be Zambia’s food basket due to the favourable rainfall, good soil and United Capital Fertiliser.

Most of the parts of the country in Zambia are experiencing drought which has seen many crops dried up, but many farmers in the northern region have a different story.

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