Zambia’s United Capital Fertilizer Expands Horizons with Botswana Stock Exchange Listing


  • Boost for agriculture sector


In a historic move that underscores the growing collaboration between nations and industries, United Capital Fertilizer Zambia Company Limited has launched its listed $500Million Bond on the Botswana Stock Exchange. The event marks a significant step in the company’s journey towards sustained growth and strategic expansion.


Addressing the audience at the launch, Chairman of United Capital Fertilizer, Huang Yaochi highlighted the importance of the strategic move to list the Bond in Botswana, emphasizing the nation’s stable economy and vibrant financial markets. He expressed his gratitude, stating, “We are particularly excited about the impact our bond program will have on the economies of the SADC countries, including Botswana, which are the primary markets for our products.”


The Chairman’s speech unveiled United Capital Fertilizer’s commitment to not only financial success but also to being a force for positive change. He stated, “Our commitment to corporate social responsibility extends beyond rhetoric; we are dedicated to creating a positive impact on the lives of people in the regions where we operate.”


The bond program, launched with the goal of being recognized as the premier producer and supplier of high-quality and affordable fertilizer products in Southern Africa, is an invitation for investors to join in the success story of United Capital Fertilizer. Yaochi emphasized, “We believe in creating a positive impact, not only through business success but also through meaningful engagement with local communities.”


Minister of Entrepreneurship Honorable Karabo Gare, praised the strategic collaboration between United Capital Fertilizer and Botswana. “This move is not only a boost for our agricultural sector but a testament to the conducive business environment that Botswana offers to international investors.”


“The Ministry of Entrepreneurship stands ready to facilitate and support this partnership, working hand in hand to shape a future where agriculture is not just a sector but a cornerstone of national prosperity.”


The launch event, attended by captains of industry, media practitioners, and distinguished guests, showcased not only an economic milestone but also a celebration of innovation in the field of agriculture.


As United Capital Fertilizer paves the way for increased production capacity and regional economic growth, the bond listing on the Botswana Stock Exchange is poised to create enduring partnerships, foster innovation, and contribute to the sustainable development of the agricultural sector. The company’s vision goes beyond business success, aiming to be a catalyst for positive change in the communities it serves.


The United Capital Fertilizer bond program invites investors to be a part of this exciting phase in the company’s history, contributing to the economic prosperity of the SADC region. As the agricultural sector undergoes transformation, this collaboration between Zambia and Botswana stands as a testament to the potential for mutual growth and prosperity through international partnerships.