UCF Celebrates Historic Fertilizer Export to Botswana

United Capital Fertilizer Zambia Ltd. (UCF) has achieved a significant milestone by exporting 15,000 metric tons of Compound D fertilizer to Botswana. This accomplishment positions Zambia as a key contributor to regional self-sufficiency in fertilizer production, addressing food security challenges in Southern Africa.

UCF’s success reflects positive outcomes of economic cooperation between Zambia and Botswana, fostering industrialization and shared prosperity within the Southern African Development Community. By meeting stringent international quality standards and garnering certification from neighboring countries, UCF contributes not only to Zambia’s economy but also to broader African agricultural resilience.

Looking forward, UCF’s plans to expand fertilizer production capacity signal a sustained commitment to regional agricultural development. This achievement marks a stride towards reduced dependency on expensive fertilizer imports from overseas markets, shaping a more resilient and prosperous agricultural future for Africa.